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Accuterm on Mac - Latest Recommendations?

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Printed Date: December 03 2022 at 11:57am
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Topic: Accuterm on Mac - Latest Recommendations?
Posted By: sbhenkel
Subject: Accuterm on Mac - Latest Recommendations?
Date Posted: March 22 2022 at 1:17pm
I have an old PC at home that has seen better days.  It's time to replace it and I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and switching to Apple, but I don't want to until I'm 100% sure that AccuTerm will run on it.

My cloud provider recommended Crossover.  Is there a consensus here on the forum about what's the best thing to run AccuTerm on?  I'm mainly concerned about things like file transfer routines, GUI, and the ability to command the computer to do things like move files from one folder to another, delete commands, FTP, etc.  I know the commands issued would have to change, I just would want to make sure my ability to issue them is there.

There are several programs in the SAMPLES file (in QM) that I have come to rely on.  Is there any simulated windows environment that has been found to work 100% with AccuTerm.  I'd hate to invest in the new Apple only to find that certain critical AccuTerm functions don't work.

I have found some old posts mentioning Crossover.  I was wondering if there have been any new opinions formed since them.

Posted By: Shrek59
Date Posted: April 03 2022 at 1:39pm
I can't help directly - but I do have an installation of AccuTerm (7) on Linux using Wine, and have not experienced any problems running that. I understand Crossover is essentially an enhanced version of Wine, so that might give some comfort. (But I also have to say that MOST of my AccuTerm usage is from Windows).


Posted By: sbhenkel
Date Posted: April 04 2022 at 10:47am
Have you add your AccuTerm on Linux do things like file transfers and/or execute what would normally be a simple Windows command like move, delete, etc.  Those are some of the types of functions that I would need to work before I could totally rely on it to run on a Windows platform.

Posted By: Shrek59
Date Posted: April 05 2022 at 3:31am
File transfers certainly work, as do GUI programs, and message boxes generated by scripts.

You probably need to try things for yourself. So one option would be to install a Linux distro within VirtualBox, and then install wine and AccuTerm. Install a Personal version of OpenQM on linux, and then try your file transfers between the Linux QM and your normal QM. Test your other stuff too to see how that goes.

If everything goes OK, you still have to make a leap of faith that the Linux/Wine experience is replicated in Mac/Crossover!

Posted By: sbhenkel
Date Posted: April 05 2022 at 10:54am
Originally, I wasn't going to switch to Mac until this situation was fully tested.  But after thinking about it, reading these replies, and comments from other people, I think I'm going to not wait on getting the Mac (at least not for that reason) and just keep a PC around to use AccuTerm when I need it.  In the meant time I will load up the Mac with Crossover and AccuTerm and then just go to town with testing, taking my time to be thorough.  If and when I am 100% satisfied that it will do everything I need, only then would I retire the PC permanently.

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